Sirens – A Flash Fiction Piece

A suspense story based on loss, corruption, and revenge.

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Noir Bridge


“Why is this called the Golden Gate bridge? When it is clearly red. It must be a bad joke,” said the man.

The wind tickled his nose. He looked over the rails. Underneath the bridge, waves formed an endless pattern. The black leather jacket fought against the cold. He stroked his hands on the metal. Blood seeped from his white knuckles.

“I didn’t know it would come to this, such theatrics,” said the man.

Torn knuckles climbed over the rails. Heavy boots stood on the ledge. In the water a reflection is present.

“Why did this happen to me? What have I done to deserve such a punishment? said the man.

He reached inside his coat pocket. Inside the brown bill fold laid a picture. In the photograph he stood next to a woman.

“You stole everything from me…everything!” said the man.

The wallet slips from his fingers and enters the water. He pulls out a lighter.

“This fucking world.”

A thump drew from the nearby trunk. The black box shifted with each burst.

“I haven’t forgotten about you.”

One thump turned to many in rapid succession. The commotion caused an imprint in the white winter blankets. A muffled voice called out to the man.

“Let me go!” said the voice.

“Did you let any of them go? Did you let her go?” said the man.

“It was just business! Please, I can make you a very rich man.”

“No amount of money can make me ignore the glorified sin you’ve established. This world will remember your name. A coward, till the very end.”

An ensemble of police sirens headed for the man. Streaks of red and blue painted the sky.

“Ten million,” said the voice.

The man walked over to the trunk. He kicked the long side of the box.

“Fuck, okay twenty million.”

The man kicked the trunk again.

“God dammit, fifty million!”

The man dragged the trunk by the rails. He let lose a round from his pistol.

“Fuck, fuck hundred million! Take my house, my car, my wife I hate the bitch.”

Sirens sung their tedious song. Restless vehicles cut trails in the frost. The box opened inside appeared a bruised body. His hands were handcuffed together.

“You will not see the light of day, this bridge shall be your tomb.” said the man.

“Fuck you!” said the coward.

“All the people you killed will rejoice now that they are avenged.”

Squad cars rolled onto the scene. Civilians cleared the area. Uniforms surrounded the two individuals. The man pointed his pistol between swollen eyes.

“Drop the weapon and step away from the hostage,” said the uniform.

“No, this coward deserves to die.”

“You have no way out of this situation!” said the uniform.

“I know, I’ve known since the very beginning . So how much is he paying you Captain? I bet it’s big since you turn a blind eye. He gets away with countless murders while the department gets a big fat check,” said the man.

“God dammit!” You should’ve just ran with the program,” said the Captain.

“I win,” said the coward.

“No, I win,” said the man.

He squeezed the trigger. The coward plunged into the water. The man turns around and fires at the Captain. An array of gunfire covers the man. Blood blended with the snowflakes.

The Captain examines the body and finds a microphone. News helicopters shed their spotlights on the surrounding officers.
























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