Daredevil Yellow – Graphic Novel REVIEW

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Daredevil Yellow

Title: Daredevil Yellow

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Jeph Loeb

Artists: Tim Sale, Matt Hollingsworth, Richard Starkings, Wes Abbott

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 10 

Daredevil Yellow, an astonishing tale depicted from a new interpretation of Matt Murdock’s transformation into the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. Marvel Comics brings out The Man Without Fear in the streets of New York as enemies emerge in a journey of triumph and loss.

Matthew Murdock a regular civilian until a freak accident gave him super human abilities and radar sense. The story recaptures the spectacle of both man and vigilante in the memory of  Jack Murdock and Karen Page. Daredevil battles the likes of The Purple Man, Electro, and The Owl in the rooftops and alleyways of New York’s underbelly.

Matthew became Daredevil to avenge the sudden death of his father. The law failed, now Matt takes justice into his own hands. Jeph Loeb writes a noir style superhero epic set in the familiar Silver Age of comic books. The story goes beyond his father and into the time he fell in love with the beautiful Karen Page. Her loss forces Daredevil to rebuild the will to fight the constant forces of evil that corrupt his city.

Tim Sale illustrates a masterpiece following suit with the storyline. Dramatic emphasis is created across the page with deep shadows and faded light. The comic book delivers action and mystery for this street level hero. A bold realism is dressed with cartoon characteristics to create a fitting formula.

Matt Hollingsworth creates a bold array of colors to complement Sale’s line work and panel placement. Vivid pigments of red, yellow, black and purple make its way to the forefront of the comic. While cooler tones take mainline in the background.

The words that bring in the reader are paced naturally due to the fine work of Wes Abbot and Richard Starkings. Precise placement of Daredevil’s personal thoughts and interactions splash across the page with decent lettering.

The graphic novel is one ideal for any collector as Daredevil is captured in a powerful light. Marvel Comics immerses the reader as The Man Without Fear brings justice to the Marvel Universe.




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