Kingdom Come – Graphic Novel REVIEW

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Kingdom Come DCTitle: Kingdom Come

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Mark Waid

Artists: Alex Ross

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

The world is set on fire as the humans and superheroes clash on all scales. DC Comics delivers a most daring tale as The Justice League and other beings rage civil war.

Mark Waid crafts a phenomenal story pinning Superman against society. A moral code whether heroes should kill criminals for the sake of human progression. Lines are drawn as factions form in the manifestation of chaos. The reader is guided through each panel through the eyes of Norman McCay. He is a humble pastor who represents the mind and hope of the people as Judgement draws closer in the dynamic climax.

The story reintroduces classic characters including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and other known heroes and villains. The superhuman abilities are represented with respect and accuracy in this otherworld tale.

Alex Ross creates every piece of artwork laid upon this masterful storytelling. The realism upon every character can be seen with extreme detail. Alex brings out emotion through subtle means of shadowing, face indention, and colors. The people within the pages feel as if they can step out of the book and into reality.

Ross displays a large amount of skill and focus bringing the characters to life. Colors that range from the entire rainbow spectrum. A blend of hues and tones as he creates realistic style skin and flesh. His line work is loose and does not over step with detail or murky colors while crafting people or objects.

In the end Kingdom Come is a powerful graphic novel whether it be for the average reader or veteran to the world of comic books. Every angle about the book will draw in the reader and open doors to there books and storylines that also deliver a powerful message in their own right. Collectors will be pleased to add this graphic novel to the personal library and share with others the heart of DC Comics.




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