Shadow Walk – Graphic Novel REVIEW

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shadow walk graphic novelTitle:  Shadow Walk

Publisher:  Legendary Comics

Writer:  Mark Waid

Artists:  Shane Davis, Mark Morales, Morry Hollowell, Jared K. Fletcher

Story Rating:  8

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating:  9


Mark Waid and Legendary Comics come together to deliver a story full of supernatural terror and survival. When an elite task force explores an anomaly in the Iraqi dessert, they find the source of all evil.

The graphic novel is short but delivers elements of action, suspense, and horror. Mark Waid takes charge in putting the main characters through numerous trials and obstacles far beyond that of human comprehension. A wide array of creatures lurks in the depths of this unforeseen plain being giant worms, sirens, killer bees and so much more.

A lack in the story draws upon the character development. Since, this is book is short and the only book exploring this adventure, not all the characters are expanded upon leaving them lifeless to the reader. Overall the lack of character development makes up for it with twisted action and the fight for survival avoiding the creatures of Hell.

Shane Davis brings out great detail in line work and design. The characters display raw emotion when dealing with the monsters. The facial forms can create fear, insanity, and sadness in the moving panels.

The rest of the artistic team follows up with Mark Morales, Morry Hollowell, and Jared K. Fletcher. Each member brings their trademark talents and skill in the forms of Ink, Color, and Letter Placement.

Mark brings out deep shadows and emphasis on character and background profile with ink and shadow. While, Morry lays down a foundation of colors that are solid in nature. The colors do not often blend but stand out to let the panel pop with vivid primary color, with red in particular. Jared fills in the final pieces to bring forth the entire comic with precise dialogue placement and word dynamic. Everything spoken between the characters is legible and reflects the immediate situation.

Overall Shadow Walk is meant for those who seek a quick story with a clear direction. The drawback of only one volume is the lack of exploring more lore and potential story directions. Therefore, it’s a good foundation piece into the world of supernatural and dark theme graphic novels.

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