Flashpoint – Graphic Novel REVIEW

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DC flashpointTitle: Flashpoint

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artists: Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope, Jesse Delperdang, Alex Sinclair

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

        Color Rating: 10

        Overall Rating: 10


Geoff Johns delivers a dynamic story featuring DC Comics very own scarlet speedster, The Flash. The story itself is one of time travel and other world possibilities. Barry Allen is thrust into a civil war as the Amazons and the Atlantians are at global warfare in Flashpoint.

In this alternate timeline Aquaman and Wonder Woman share no desire for peace and lead their armies in pursuit of planetary dominance. The Flash must find the truth about this new reality as he encounters Batman, Cyborg, and Superman in a race against time. Geoff presents numerous obstacles for Barry as he must regain his speed and bring together a resistance strike force of heroes for the epic conclusion.

The creative team comes together to support major action and color as each page moves the story with great momentum. Andy Kubert known for his steady hand at pencilling, which brings about scale, depth, and persona to each character. He does not over exaggerate details or clutter the image but keeps a tight makeup of the forefront. The background maintains line work but fades the further it pushes back.

Sandra Hope and Jesse Delperdang team up to deliver a decent wave of ink to build off the foundation of line work. Heavy ink is utilized during the action scenes and depictions of night to reflect the light source. The ink even brings out character’s physical structure and emotional atmosphere.

A splash of color is etched on to every page as Alex Sinclair brings lush hues and powerful primary color. All the characters are represented properly as the mood changes in each panel. Strong cool colors of black, blue, and grey take shape in dark corridors and caves. Warm colors take over during the day and the surge of Flash’s electrical power.

Flashpoint is an incredible story delivering pain, loss, and triumph in a timeline familiar yet so different. The graphic novel is an ideal story for veteran readers and captivating from start to finish. Barry Allen continues to race to new depths in the DC Universe as The Fastest Man Alive!



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