The Man Without Fear – Daredevil #22

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Title: Daredevil #22  

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Charles Soule

Artists: Goran Sudzuka

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating:

Color Rating: 6

Overall Rating: 7.3

Marvel Comics creates a whole new direction of vigilante justice. The blind lawyer from Hells Kitchen must face his ultimate challenge yet as Daredevil must face an enemy not in the streets of New York but in the courtroom. Matt Murdock poses as his superhero persona to testify against Simon Slugansky a criminal associated with the infamous CLIP gang. Daredevil wishes to continue the trail for if Simon is convicted of all crimes it will make waves in the superhero community, masked heroes will be able to help the justice system beyond having a strong jaw.   

Charles Soule writes the suspense and dramatic tension to new levels as the comic proceeds with the court case. The issue follows court procedures as both lawyers enter a battle of wits to prove one side of the scenario. The biggest obstacle Daredevil must face would be his secret identity may hang in the balance, if called upon by the judge, Daredevil must reveal his identity to be a credible source on the witness stand. 

In the midst of the trial the Clip gang attacks the courtroom and Daredevil must spring into action. Simon seals his own fate in the escape attempt. Daredevil rains down upon the criminals as he saves the jury. In the aftermath Daredevil delivers his detailed testimony to the world. 

Goran Sudzuka presents artwork that is bold with simple colors and shapes, it does not emphasize too much with shading or dramatic color transitions. Everything on the panel is simple and clear, the art does not over step its means, which makes the comic straightforward and more focused on what is happening between the characters until the very end of the book.

The colors are solid being one color either on the background or a person. The colors used the most are red, blue, black, and brown. Therefore, the art does not make a huge impression and leaves the emotion focused on the story.  

In the conclusion Simon is convicted of his crimes. Daredevil has set the bar to going above and beyond the call for superpowers and costumes. The city’s criminal underbelly gets wind of the trial and sets forth contingency plans to counteract the hero initiative. The next issues will reveal how some of New York’s most notorious villains will retaliate against Daredevil and its beloved heroes.

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