Semper Fi – Punisher The Platoon #1

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Title: Punisher – The Platoon #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics 

Writers:  Garth Ennis 

Artists:  Goran Parlov 

Story Rating: 10 

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 10

Marvel Comics dwells into the historical past of Frank Castle, The Punisher. The days of old are remembered as Frank leads a unit of Marines during the days of the Vietnam War. A mysterious man wishes to discover the truth behind those fateful days. 

Garth Ennis captures the hardened life of soldiers as the Marines trend through the countryside of Vietnam. The old days are retold through the eyes of the war stricken veterans who lived the gruesome battles. A mysterious writer gathers the men determined to uncover the history behind Vietnam and Frank Castle. 

Frank, a new officer in the Marines becomes commander of a new platoon. Frank has no experience in the field and must adjust to the cruel terrain and tactics that left both sides of the war devastated. After a tactical airstrike destroys a country village a new enemy emerges who vows to kill Frank and his allies. The Vietcong survivors and opposing forces plan to rid the Americans by any means. 

Goran Parlov creates loose art with great line work and simple colors creating a complete picture. The art holds realistic traits for the character’s facial structures present real proportions and depth. Even the significance of facial hair is recognizable upon each individual.

Colors do not blend or mix dramatically in the making of the comic book. Colors of brown, green, black and red are the most utilized for the duration of the story. Red and orange paint the page during massive explosions and black in the aftermath of destruction. The shading comes across character faces to hide the eyes creating emotional value. The background holds similar techniques to the characters loose lines and basic colors stretched across the panels. 

The story itself serves as homage to veterans by exploiting the harsh nature of war. The loss of life is deeply impactful to any human being bearing witness to extreme violence and takes a dramatic toll. 

The ending raises questions about the specific perspective being told. For the mysterious character knows information only the veterans could’ve known. Who is the mystery figure and how does he hold knowledge never spoken? What will Frank and his platoon encounter as they journey across the Vietnam countryside? Find out more as the war is just beginning in this action drama featuring the few, the proud, The Marines.

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