The Gears of War – First Strike #2

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Title:  First Strike #2

Publisher:  IDW Publishing  

Writers: David A. Rodriguez, Mairghread Scott

Artists:  Max Dunbar

Story Rating:

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating:  9.3

Optimus Prime and the Autobots find themselves losing the battle against the dreadful Cobra Command. On the planet Cybertoron only a handful of heroes stand in the way of Baron Ironblood reaching his goal. Cobra is on the verge of destroying the diplomatic federation of Cybertron. 

David A. Rodriguez and Mairghread Scott dive into a story filled with action and drama. The writer’s dive into the mind of head Joe agent Scarlett as she discovers Baron Ironblood is in fact her former mentor. She must struggle with this intimate knowledge while trying to direct her team of agents. 

On Cybertron the remaining Autobots retreat to the main citadel of the city. Starscream Ruler of Cybertron and Marissa Faireborn, ambassador of Earth are held up inside the citadel. Cobra Command makes their way to destroy the robot people and the leaders who assemble them. 

Cobra Command is now equipped with an alien device with unknown properties. The potential weapon has the power to turn the tide of the war toward the favor of the possessor. How will the Joes and the Autobots prepare themselves for what is coming next? 

Max Dunbar continues to deliver stunning visuals of colors and line work. The colors standing out as the focus point of every panel drawing the eye closer to the action and appearance of the characters. The Transformers hold an abundance of color to represent the individual nature and reflect their powers as robotic warriors. Clear visuals of red, blue, yellow, and pink intensify the action. 

The background offers complete locations with structured shapes. The towering buildings define areas and realistic features carved into the structure foundations. 
In the end Scarlett and her team head off for Castle Destro to obtain a device capable of transporting the heroes to the frontlines on Cybertron. The robotic planet only has hours left before complete annihilation. Will the Joes reach Cybertron in time? What will Baron Ironblood do with his new mysterious alien super weapon? Find out as the planetary war continues for the future of the human race.

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