Death Before Dishonor – Punisher The Platoon #2

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Title: Punisher Platoon #2

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Garth Ennis

Artists:  Goran Parlov

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating: 10 

Marvel Comics returns to the Vietnam War with Lieutenant Frank Castle and his platoon of Marines. The war continues to test the will and strength of the soldiers as we see both factions of how brutal and heartbreaking death can consume normal people. 

Garth Ennis spares no soul in this war driven drama as Frank Castle continues to tread through the grasslands in the outpost of Vietnam.  In a blinding moment the unit is ambushed by hundreds of enemies from all angles. Only with quick tactics Frank Castle manages to eliminate most of the Viet Cong forces. 

When the artillery wasn’t enough the men resorted to bayonets. Once overrun the Marines used hand-to-hand combat to make a final stand. All was lost until officer Castle stepped up to claim the heavy machine gun before the enemy could operate the weapon. In a flash all the enemies laid before the Marines as a small victory washed over the night sky. Vietnamese Colonel Giap and his troops wait in the dark ready to move in on the unprepared American troops. 

The artwork Goran Parlov creates is astonishing for it captures the full extent of war. Elements of realism, loose line work, and critical shading come together to form an instant masterpiece. The emotions drawn out from the characters are believable and respected when faced with the tough calls on the battlefield. 

Strong tones or red, orange, and yellow display the force of explosions and gunfire. Pale colors are in the background leaving the main focus on the characters. The characters share real facial depth and personality that differs between each person. In the midst of night the sky drapes over a firm blue as the soldiers beneath are coated in dark ink.  

The conclusion leaves a haunting feeling for one does not know what will happen next. Either the platoon will siege the next outpost on their primary orders or sit tight and wait to hear from top brass. 

In the same breath Viet Cong forces only a few hundred yards away are organizing a counter attack to eliminate the American outsiders. Vietnamese Colonel Giap instills promise to a young Viet Cong woman who may have the capabilities of wiping out the entire Marine platoon on her own. 

Will Frank Castle lead the siege of the nearby outpost? Will orders ever arrive from high command? What does the Viet Cong opposition plan to do to wipe out the platoon? Find out in the next installments as we fight through the frontlines in one of the most devastating wars ever to come across human history.

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