Blood & Iron – First Strike #3

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Title:  First Strike #3

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writers: David A. Rodriguez, Mairghread Scott  

Artists:  Max Dunbar 

Story Rating: 9 

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating:  9.6 

The war on Cybertron has reached the far corners of the planet. Scarlett and the G.I. Joes are one step behind the strategic evil behind Baron Ironblood. Cobra Command reveals the hidden plan to eradicate the robotic alien race. The Joes must reach Baron IronBlood and his squad of anti-Cybertron leaders in time before the planet turns to ash.  

David A. Rodriguez and Mairghread Scott dial up the action and suspense as the stakes grow in the war between humans and the advanced mechanized robots. Scarlett and the Joes manage to invade Castle Destro and find the portal gate capable of transporting the team to Cybertron. Once the Joes stepped through the portal they barreled through the frontlines of the battle. 

Scarlett attacks Baron on the battlefield, which turns out to be an imposter. The real Baron is heading for the core of the planet accompanied by Cobra agents. The Joes find themselves taken into Cybertron custody as they are presented before the Cybertron council. 

The artwork Max Dunbar creates is bold and sharp on all accounts. The color, presentation, and detail all provide a stunning image easy to understand and appreciate. The robots whether it is Autobots or Decepticons are the most appealing characters within the comic book. Each robot has unique armor and bright colors ranging from the entire spectrum of light. Pigments of red, blue, and purple were the most commonplace amongst the robots. 

The humans also have certain traits about themselves that defined who they are in appearance and physical gear. Scarlett and her team don’t display too many emotions in the facial structure but have great color work.  When a robot appears on the panel the humans fall in the background to make way for the more imposing figure. Environments are solid and clear presenting simple lines and shapes to craft grand areas complimenting the action. 

In the conclusion Scarlett and her team are at the mercy of the Cybertron Council. The council orders for the immediate execution for the Joes who came to defend their robot counterparts. What will happen to our heroes in the upcoming issues of First Strike? Find out as the battle on Cybertron rages on in the political turmoil of man versus machine.

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