Road To Destruction – Spirits of Vengeance #2

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Title: Spirits of Vengeance #2

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers:  Victor Gischler

Artists: David Baldeon 

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating:  10 

Marvel Comics walks through the fire of eternal war as Johnny Blaze discovers the mystery behind the endless battle between Heaven and Hell. Hell’s armies are making moves to ensure the balance is flawed and pushed in favor of darkness. A secret weapon has the power to eradicate the souls of Heavens angels from all existence. 

Victor Gischler delivers a tale full of death and dealings when Necrodamus recruits forces from across the cosmos and other realms. In the heart of a volcano a dark dwarf from Asgard forges a weapon for the sinister sorcerer.

The silver piece is in fact one of thirty pieces from Judas, a betrayer of Jesus, who was paid in silver before his death. The silver has the capabilities to bring about the end to all things when amplified with Asgardian magic. When all the pieces are gathered the weapon will reach full power.  

Ghost Rider and Blade learn of the Covenant through an ancient text. A summit of both factions of the afterlife if the Underworld strikes Heaven it would mean the end of the angels forever. 

Razan eliminates all connections to Hellstrom for the secret mission of Necrodamus cannot reach unwanted ears. Razan and Necrodamus are keeping the silence for the silver is the most valuable substance on the planet. 

Hellstrom recruits the final candidate on the crusade to fight the dark his sister, Satana. The combined powers and abilities of Ghost Rider, Blade, Hellstorm, and at last Satana will stand against the forces that will tear the surface of humanity apart. 

David Baldeon creates a stunning visual as the heroes battle demonic monsters and unlock the mystery behind the war. Bold colors are present within the comic book the most notable are red, orange, and black. The colors do not blend together but stay solid in appearance. 

The panel movement and action is fast paced as the story progresses. Dark thick lines hold the outline to characters while the background wields basic shapes. The stylized art fits the nature and atmosphere of the supernatural. 

The conclusion to this dark essence leads to upcoming danger for the supernatural heroes. The elite guard of the underworld meets with Necrodamus over the reveal of the Asgardian gun capable of destroying the holy opposition. Will Necrodamus gain all the silver pieces for the weapon? Will our heroes be powerful enough to stop the legions of the Underworld? Take the leap of faith as Ghost Rider and allies prepare for the war that will shake Heaven and Earth till only dust remains.

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