Heaven & Hell – Spirits of Vengeance #3

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Title:   Spirits of Vengeance #3

Publisher:   Marvel Comics

Writers:  Victor Gischler

Artists:  David Baldeon

Story Rating:  10 

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating:  10 

Marvel Comics returns to the depths of fire and blood as Ghost Rider and the Spirits of Vengeance fight the supernatural. Necrodamus and his forces grow stronger as his evil plans fall into place. 

Victor Gischler dives deeper in the secret war between Heaven and the Underworld. The good points throughout the comic come from the swift action, decent artwork, and unique storyline. The comic delivers suspense and a nice twist on demonic culture as the lore of the supernatural is explored in new directions. 

The dark goddess Razan manages to ambush Ghost Rider, Hellstrom, Satana, and Blade with her squadron of monsters. In the heat of battle Razan retrieves the final piece of cursed silver. Necrodamus completes his ultimate weapon in his mission to eradicate the legendary Archangels. 

After the team suffers defeat Satana and Blade travel underground to Port Brimstone, a sanctuary for the monsters. Once inside the two investigate the mystery behind Razan, Necrodamus, and the silver piece. They encounter the one person responsible for springing the war into full measure. 

David Baldeon delivers artwork that has a cartoon and wild style of heavy line work and glowing colors. Dark outlines take shape over the appearance of characters, which lead to exaggerated features and expressions of emotion. The background compliments the characters providing detailed areas. Building foundations remain simple in structure and contrast. 

Crisp color ranging from different hues tends to glow as they push the action forward. Red becomes the prime color in the making of the comic, which intensifies the fear, danger, and powers behind specifics scenes as the story develops. 

David’s style suggests color solidarity for strands of red, black, and other tones do no blend creating a bold look. Every page is a showpiece to splash the panels with an astonishing world one that preys on the innocent. 

In conclusion the comic book ends with a critical point within the story for the ultimate weapon is complete. Necrodamus now has full access to the one weapon that can eliminate Heaven forever. Find out how Ghost Rider and company will confront this new age of demonic power.

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