Order In the Court – Daredevil #25

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Title:  Daredevil #25

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Charles Soule

Artists:  Alec Morgan 

Story Rating: 10 

Art Rating:

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating:  9

The final bout between Matt Murdock and Legal takes place in the most powerful house in all of judicial law, The Supreme Court. The two lawyers duke it out in a battle of wits and knowledge as they plea their arguments in legal faith. Daredevil takes on his greatest battle outside the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, New York. 

Charles Soule sets up suspense and mystery as the final confrontation unfolds in the case of the People V. Slugansky. The ruling of the case is dragged out as Matt Murdock succumbs to pressure in his final words.  The national news reveals the results of the Supreme Court as the case is in favor of Murdock. The superhero community will now be recognized as a legitimate source of testimony. 

Wilson Fisk’s criminal organization is now more vulnerable than ever. His long history with Daredevil and other masked heroes places his business ventures at high risk. The Kingpin’s plans have failed as both Tombstone and Legal did not stop Matt Murdock from winning his case. 

Alec Morgan continues the atmosphere of mystery and stylized noir in the make of the world of Daredevil.  The line work is simple and basic as it creates a general background one that is not too complex or interesting. 

The colors are very expressive throughout the comic book. Each color is bright, bold, pale, and blends well into each other moving from different panels. The color completes the facial depth with hues and tones and completes shapes with lack of lines. Color is a key component the shades of blue, pink, red, green, and yellow enhance the tone the book wishes to achieve. 

Daredevil will continue to fight the never-ending war for justice in Hell’s Kitchen. The court case may have concluded but new obstacles and arcs will push Daredevil to new lengths. Marvel Comics will continue to follow the man without fear until the devil of Hell’s Kitchen has reached his final resting place.

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