Royalty Amongst The Stars – Inhumans The Once and Future Kings #1

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Title: Inhumans the Once and Future Kings #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Christopher Priest 

Artists: Phil Noto

Story Rating: 7

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 9 

Marvel Comics unearths the long history of the Inhumans and Attilan by telling the story of prince Black Bolt and the royal family. A rebellion takes place as the royal family is under attack by a mysterious man who aims to eliminate the current King of his tyrannical policies. 

Christopher Priest establishes the high order of Attilan, the royal city of Inhumans, as the story unfolds. A young Black Bolt and Maximus take on their duties as heirs to the great throne of Attilan. The King uses the great SLAVE ENGINE to turn humans into slaves to be the backbone of society. Elisha, a man of unknown origin, uses advanced technologies and oppressed people to fight against the King. 

After a failed assassination attempt Elisha informs Black Bolt and Maximus of the King’s dark intentions with their lives. To stay in power the king will end the bloodline to be the sole heir of the throne. 

Phil Noto creates loose and smooth line work, which fades into the colors as the color takes over the majority of the outlining. Colors both bright and pale are in the makings of the comic, which give a watercolor presence as different hues and tones blend over the characters and background. Realism is the key element capturing facial structures presented with different pigments to display age, emotion, and other physical attributes.  

Members of the royal family Black Bolt, Maximus and Medusa find themselves teleported across the universe to New York City. The cliffhanger leads to many questions as to why would Elisha take the royal family to Earth? What will the King of Attilan do to Black Bolt? Find out, as Black Bolt and the royal family will make sacrifices to protect the future of Attilan in further comic book issues as the Inhumans take on the Big Apple.  

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