U.S.M.C. – Punisher The Platoon #4

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Title:  Punisher- The Platoon #4

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:   Garth Ennis

Artists:  Goran Parlov

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating:  10

Overall Rating:  10

Marvel Comics steps back into the boots of Lieutenant Frank Castle and his Marines of the Vietnam War. Dark pasts and hidden agendas emerge in this game of rank and tactics. In the confines of war we are all human. 

Garth Ennis drives focus to the side of the Vietcong and how the war has turned innocent people into killers. The issue offers plenty of good aspects being, character development, story direction, and artwork. 

Vietnamese Colonel Giap learns the past of Ly Quang, a woman soldier of remarkable skill and vengeance. Frank and his unit pulled out of Khe Sanh outpost in the aftermath of ending the siege. Frank and his unit rest within the confines of a nearby city. A new set of Marines is stationed at Khe Sanh outpost only to suffer at the hands of Ly Quang. 

She alone thwarted the entire squadron of Marines at Khe Sanh and captured the Lieutenant in charge. Colonel Giap is impressed with her talents of death as she explains her ambitions and past. The American soldiers invaded her village and killed everything, even her family, all without clothes or ears on their bodies.  Now Ly will do anything to eliminate the trespassers upon her homeland. 

Goran Parlov’s artwork is enriched with passion and pain as the characters from the comic book all carry a weight of tragedy. Shadows cover the eyes bringing out a sense of mystery and sorrow for an individual. Color choice is executed well in the makings of the book for each panel has emotional depth. Main colors within the comic are green, black, and brown. 

Realism and loose line work all play a part in the completion of the image. Each character has an individual distinction displaying little detail lines but have numerous flesh tones and hues. 

The images are readable and straightforward in presentation. The surroundings are basic but complimentary with solid lines while letting the characters be the focus of each panel. Goran continues to impress with neat artwork that captures the full experience in times of war and a critical moment in history. 

The conclusion leaves suspense as a result from the previous revelations within the story. Colonel Giap and Ly now possess vital information about the infrastructure of the Marines operations in Khe Sanh. What will come of the platoon and the numerous soldiers participating in this war where ultimately no one wins? Continue to follow the Marines and Frank, as the days grow restless in the jungles of fire, blood, and tragedy.

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