Assassin’s Game – X-Men Gold #7

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Title: X-Men Gold #7

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers:  Marc Guggenheim

Artists: Ken Lashley

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

Marvel Comics follows the pursuits of the beloved mutants the X-Men. A serial killer who wants to eradicate the mutant population one bullet at a time is hunting the X-Men. The killer is on the loose within the mansion for gifted youngsters and its up to our heroes to put an end to his killing spree. In the meantime demons emerge from the Darkforce dimension and terrorize the streets of New York.  The X-Men are spread thin facing off against a killer and deadly creatures of the night is there any hope of survival?

Marc Guggenheim shapes the world of the X-Men to be everything but forgiving. The mutants become horrified as loved ones and friends are found dead drowning in their own blood. Kitty Pryde leads the team must come together once more to find the killer before another mutant lays dead. The members of the X- Men out on the city do what they can against the demonic horde ruthless and swift. Wolverine, Storm, and Night Crawler fight against these monsters in hopes the nightmare will pass. 

The artwork is bold and crisp for Ken Lashley highlights the world of mutants and their incredible powers. The line work is tight and neat, the facial features of characters are fitting for each individual profile. The shading brought upon the environment is very clean and presents a clear vision of the surroundings. 

The colors within the comic are very bright and vivid to draw the eye either to characters or destruction befallen the city. The dark shadows express a sense of evil or mystery whether on the faces of characters or monsters.  The classic costumes the X-Men wear hold great contrasts of reds, blues, yellows and black.  

The cliffhanger is very clear for the X-Men will have to confront the assassin in their home. In the streets of New York will the demons ever be defeated or will they overrun the world? One can only find out as the story dives further into the unknown in later issues of the X-Men.

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