Call of the Hunt – Predator: Hunters #1

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Title: Predator: Hunters #1

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Writers: Chris Warner

Artists: Francisco Ruiz Velasco

Story Rating: 8

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 9.3

The deadliest race of alien warriors are here. Dark Horse Comics unleashes the Yautja also known as the Predators. On the far reaches of the Earth on a lonely island, the Yautja are collecting trophies from all who trespass on the hunting grounds.

In order to defeat the surge of Predator activity an underground organization, led by Jaya Soames, recruits mercenaries from around the the world to take on the ultimate warriors. Chris Warner writes this new adventure and backstories of the main set of characters. Enoch Nakai an Army veteran is the latest recruit for the task force. Jaya, Nakai, and fellow mercenaries all have a past dealing with these deadly hunters.

The artwork and colors are led by Francisco Ruiz Velasco, who creates a gritty atmosphere as the elements of horror and suspense take place. The artwork’s strongest points occur during the jungle depictions. Heavy outlines and detail become necessary to express foliage and nature.

The deaths of characters becomes exaggerated with blood and flesh to amplify the stakes. The color choices most notable are heavy shades of green and blue to influence night and a grip of nature’s surroundings.

When a Predator comes across the page the profile and the culture to the alien are present. A Predator’s stance holds power and fury above the human counterparts. Armor and weapons are designed with intimidation and tribal influence with skulls and bones.

Predator: Hunters is a limited short series that will continue to build upon the action and battles between humans and the Yautja. Each issue will express the mission and the will to take on an intergalactic threat that could potentially wipe out the human race. Therefore, only the strong survive in this deadly game of predator and prey. Now, let the ultimate hunt for the planet, begin.

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