Armies of Evil – Spirits of Vengeance #4

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Title:  Spirits of Vengeance #4

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers:  Victor Gischler

Artists:  David Baldeon

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating:  10

Overall Rating:  10

Marvel Comics takes you to the depths of hell and fire as the semi finally is here with Spirits of Vengeance. The diplomatic summit is at hand and with it the plan to eradicate all life of Earth. The hour clock ticks for the end is nigh even the Emperor of evil shall make his move. 

Victor Gischler writes clever action and suspense as the fate of the planet draws near. Necrodamus with his super weapon complete will break the rules of supernatural law. 

Ghost Rider, Satana, Daimon Hellstrom, and Blade find the answers needed to understand the scope of evil Necrodamus and Razan are prepared to deliver. The heroes track down the Blacksmith Ragnar and learn when the summit will take place and prepare to intercept the assassination. 

Necrodamus and Razan will invade the summit in doing so, forcing the portal to Heaven to be closed forever. Lord Marduk, Emperor of the underworld, shall take advantage of Necrodamus’ plan to rule the planet. Marduk gathers his armies to spread across the lands claiming lives and enslaving the human race till no resistance is feasible.  

The comic book is decent, clean, and straight to the point. Exposition answers pending questions as the story moves with each defining scene. Demonic elements are embraced to display the full fury of righteous power.  

David Baldeon unleashed a massive amount of talent and focus upon the artwork within this series. He showed style with line work, color, and imagination for the impossible. 

Dark lines project characters into focus with precision detailing over the face and physical structure. The action panels are decorated to the edges with fire and movement, a symbol to the comic book style captivating with the manifestation of ink and color. 

The background acts more of a key component solid in structure and shape it stands tall without overshadowing characters. Situations of extreme heat bring multiple light sources and shadows across the page creating a luminous design. Major colors of red, black, and blue enhance the perspective featuring the most popular supernatural elements in all of storytelling. 

Movement takes place for the body language is natural and propels the eyes to continue forward.  David ensures to treat the reader with majestic displays redefining his skill with every mark.  

The cliffhanger is set up perfectly compelling the reader to pursue the story further as the final issue approaches. What will happen at the cusp of sudden doom will our heroes manage to prevent the apocalypse or fall down in ash? Ride with the Spirits of Vengeance in the next and final issue to conclude the quest of hellfire and holy light.

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