Honor, Courage, and Commitment – Punisher The Platoon #5

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Title:  Punisher Platoon #5

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Garth Ennis 

Artists:  Goran Parlov, Jordie Bellaire

Story Rating: 10 

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 10 

Marvel Comics brings the pain in a hailstorm of bullets in the semi finally to this incredible short series. In the far ends of the countryside a murky swamp floats with the dead. The dog tags sway as Lieutenant Frank Castle and the rest of the Marines slosh past American skulls. For the three seconds it takes to raise a rifle the Vietcong have already overwhelmed the unit. 

Garth Ennis continues to build the action and depth as the soldiers push through the great battles in Vietnam. Ly Quang makes her move of being a dangerous threat to the Marines as she sets up an ambush from beyond the tree line. 

In the midst of the action the odds continue to stack against Frank, as his men are taking heavy fire to faulty equipment. The Vietcong forces charge forward every minute drawing closer to the Americans. Explosions run the Marines into the swamp back into dead water, before the unit figures out the next course of action they are staring into the eyes of the enemy. 

The story has good points across the board within the artwork, characters, emotions, and actions that take place in the bowels of military Hell.  Suspense rules the comic for with each passing moment a life is being taken by either faction of the war whether it’s the Americans are locals to Vietnam. 

Goran Parlov and Jordie Bellaire take it upon themselves to immerse the reader in the measures of suspense, death, and brotherhood coming together for Frank Castle and the Marines. 

Bullets whisk in all directions red and yellow light signify gunfire and explosions. Realism takes hold of the art through facial construction and the distribution of organs across the pages. Brushes of green and brown create the perfect backdrop of jungle and vegetation. 

Pencil work and ink come together forming specific shadow and structure upon the surroundings and characters. The lines are contained without sporadic occurrences complicating the image. Everything visual is understandable to the reader, which adds quality through the action and characterization.  

A cliffhanger masterfully crafted awaits the reader in the final page and panel. When Ly Quang arrives on the scene. The Vietcong continue to advance their position to overwhelm the Leatherneck brothers. What will happen to Frank Castle and the rest of the Marines in the climactic conclusion of this short series?

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