Land of the Rising Sun – Daredevil #26

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Title: Daredevil #26

Publisher: Marvel Comics 

Writers:  Charles Soule

Artists:  Ron Garney

Story Rating:

Art Rating:  8

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating:  9 

Marvel Comics takes Daredevil halfway across the world to China. Hidden in the haunting fog awaits a massive temple ruled by The Hand. A mysterious invitation leads to a trap as the man without fear fights for survival in land full of death. 

Charles Soule returns Matthew Murdock to his crimson cowl as he unleashes the full extent of his skills against his long time nemesis The Hand. Daredevil receives an invitation from a known associate Blind Spot, a fellow vigilante on the pursuit of justice.  The invitation calls for the devil to travel to China and find a lost temple within the mountain ridge. 

Upon arrival Daredevil finds himself attacked by waves of ninjas who wish to claim his life. A lone ninja sways through the conflict and manages to take down Daredevil in one swift attack. The ninja reveals himself to none other than Blind Spot. 

Ron Garney’s artwork is straightforward while being loose and simple in interpretation. The line work makes up quick details but does not focus on a complete picture. The comic book presents a great color choice when bringing out Daredevil’s super senses. Depictions of bright pink, red, and yellow are present when displaying the radar vision. The other color choices are solid with little shading mixtures from transitions from dark to light. The black ink completes the look in a unique take on the graphic novel standard. 

In the end of the comic book we learn there is more at stake than Daredevil’s life as a monster sits on the throne of the temple surrounded by ninjas. What plans does Blind Spot have for Daredevil? Who is the monster that rules over The Hand and what are his plans for China and the rest of the world? Be the first to witness this three-part story arc as Daredevil takes on the Hand and the many warriors.  

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