Path of the Warrior – Predator: Hunters – #2

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Title: Predator: Hunters #2

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Writers: Chris Warner

Artists: Francisco Ruiz Velasco

Story Rating: 8

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 9.3

Chris Warner continues to build upon the Yautja legacy as Dark Horse Comics delivers the killer instinct inside us all. The tactical team under Jaya Soames draws closer to Kehua Island. The Predator continues his personal hunt as he continues to kill both animals and people who trespass on the native soil.

The team expands with new recruit Mandy Graves, another human to fight a predator and live. Even the dark experiences of Jaya Soames are explored as everyone seeks to rid the planet of the Yautja uprising. In a detailed mission briefing Tyler Swain, Raphael Herrera, and Enoch Nakai finally learn what they’re up against on this suicide mission of revenge and to save the world.

Francisco Ruiz Velasco makes a trademark effort in creating the savage nature of the Predator with artistic flair. The characters designs and background remain consistent with strong line work in shape and structure, offering thick black outlines upon characters with little or drastic detail.

The strongest points come in the form of flashbacks from the characters and encounters with the predator in the jungle. Pigments of lime green and red represent the blood that comes from both human and alien as they fight to the death.

Strong depictions of color create an immersive environment when honoring the details of vegetation and animals amongst Kehua Island. Visions of greens and blues formulate night and an atmosphere of the unknown, for anyone or anything can hide within the shadows.

During the day everything becomes visually brighter to be appealing to the reader, given a new spark of light to the environment and characters as the story moves forward. This comic issue is a stepping stone for what is yet to come as the battle for Earth is far from over as the bloodlust ever grows stronger inside.

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