Kung Fu Fury – Iron Fist #7

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Title:  Iron Fist #7

Publisher: Marvel Comics 

Writers: Ed Brisson

Artists: Mike Perkins 

Story Rating: 9

Art Rating: 10  

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 9.6 

Danny Rand the Immortal Iron Fist battles against an army of evil followers as The Seer, a hired killer, aims to rid Danny of the face of the Earth. The Seer recruited a warrior capable of defeating Iron Fist the master of Kung Fu, Shang Chi. Marvel Comics does not hold back in this twisted tale of martial arts and deception. 

Ed Brisson creates a dynamic world of stunning martial arts. Fists of fury fly off the page as Iron Fist faces his greatest challenge yet. The Seer, a man with the power to control minds has taken over the mind of the Shang Chi. Now with Shang Chi under the Seers control he leads the charge to kill his former friend. 

Danny manages to defeat the Seer through his powerful dragon energy. He concentrates his energy to one mighty strike against the Seer. The telepathic link between The Seer and the rest of his vessels is destroyed. Shang Chi is finally released under the dark spell, which consumes his mind.  

Mike Perkins the man behind the incredible artwork, which immerses the story further in the martial arts and supernatural society. The color pallet and detailed line work bring out a vivid picture as the movement forces the eyes to analyze every artistic element. Dark and heavy lines outline the shadows and facial structures. The background carries large sums of ink to create a creepy atmosphere and to bring about the perception of night. 

The color choice ranges from mixtures of red, orange, and yellow to focus the Ironfist’s power. While other colors including red, purple, and blue set up the background in dramatic fashion. Overall every piece works coherently to create a beautiful image.

In the aftermath Danny continues to head home back to New York City. When word gets out of Daniel’s survival what potential threats will the defender of Kun Lun encounter? In this plot of revenge and deception find out next time as our hero journeys back to the big apple.

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