Children of the Atom – X-Men Gold #8

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Title: X-Men Gold #8

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Marc Guggenheim

Artists: Ken Lashley

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 10

The X- Men are under attack by a deadly assassin who intends to kill every single mutant in an inferno. Kitty Pryde and her team must stop this mad man before explosions left by the killer blow up the mansion. Marvel Comics continues to challenge the mutants as monsters and humans alike force them to defend themselves whether justified or misplaced. 

Marc Guggenheim sets the stage as the killer faces off against the mutants in the X- Mansion. The motivation behind the assassin is revealed for he kills in memory of his lost family in the aftermath of mutant affairs over the years. In the mansion the team manages to evacuate the building and stop the assassin by disarming the bomb hidden within the Danger Room. The assassin is later taken into custody by the city of New York.   

In the streets of New York, Night Crawler is under attack by the very people he protects for the people misjudge him to be a monster. Wolverine and Storm defend their friend against the misguided nature of scared humans. The two find Night Crawler barely alive as he holds on to dear life. 

Ken Lashley presents art that is clean and neat while maintaining a stylistic use of sharp lines and edge work. The characters have refined expressions with great detail and shading on their face and body. The comic presents strong usage of color, which highlights the action, appearance, and atmosphere of the story. The colors are bright and bold, the color of yellow, red, black, and blue strike a beautiful visual for the comic experience.

 The cliffhanger presents potential problems for the X- Men as a possible enemy may emerge in future issues. The other obstacle presented would be a political affair that may jeopardize the existence of mutants not just in New York but also all over the country. A bill drafted by the House of Representatives and once passed under the court of law may force mutants to be arrested and deported.

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