Endless Chaos – Spawn #275

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Title: Spawn #275

Publisher: Image Comics

Writers: Todd McFarlane

Artists: Szymon Kudranski

Story Rating: 7

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 9

Image Comics offers the next glimpse of Al Simmons as Spawn. In the aftermath of the Soul Crusher’s attack Spawn makes an effort to keep Cyan safe from the clutches of the killer. Spawn makes arrangements to have Cyan sent halfway across the world to Japan. 

Todd Mcfarlane writes Spawn in unforeseen directions. In the dead of night a warning comes before Spawn that a Great War is about to commence and he must lead the fray or perish under the will of darker forces other than himself. Through the demonic message his powers are restored making this dark avenger relentless once more. The comic offers only the promise of what is yet to come for Spawn as the eternal kingdoms of spirits, monsters, and demons all take aim at the heart of this scorched hero. 

Szymon Kudranski’s artwork understands Spawn, as darkness is one with him for his ghostly presence creeps through the panels. Every moment with Spawn is looking in the eyes of a monster, one that rules over life itself. The art does a phenomenal job of displaying characters according to who they are as a person. 

The line work is serrated and wild giving off an eerie impression especially with Spawn on the forefront. The other panels with calm moments of story develop have soft and smooth lines or straight and bold. These techniques project either the background or facial contour of characters.  The colors are simple yet effective in creating proper representation as to what is in the background and character identity.  The main color would be black for its effective shading tool and mysterious color when depicted in the world of Spawn because anything can be lurking in the night.  

The book leaves unanswered questions as to when and where will this Great War take place? Who must Spawn recruit to join in his efforts to smite the evil that follows him and his loved ones?  All questions will be answered as Spawn steps further into the never ending fire and all who follow this solemn warrior.

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