Concrete Jungle – Inhumans Once and Future Kings #3

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Title:  Inhumans: Once and Future Kings #3

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers: Christopher Priest 

Artists: Phil Noto

Story Rating:  6

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating:  8.6 

The Royal family Black Bolt, Maximus, and Medusa remain in New York to prepare for the King of Attilan. Bentley Wittman oversees the progress of the Inhumans as he builds power devices capable of harnessing the genetic abilities of Black Bolt and Maximus. 

Christopher Priest continues to follow the game of power and deception as both factions of the upcoming war are making moves. The King’s men Kadlec and Karnak are moving closer to reaching Black Bolt and company. If Kadlec finds the family first each of them will be sentenced to death by order of the King. Only Karnak can save Black Bolt and the others in time. 

Black Bolt and Maximus improve their artillery and combat skills as they prepare to face their common enemy. Bentley Wittman designed a super collar to control the awesome power of Black Bolt’s sonic scream. Maximus was given cyber enhanced gun gauntlets that release rapid-fire energy bolts. Bentley is more than ready to aid the royal family and lead the charge to eliminate the Slave Engine once and for all. 

A clear vision of loose line work and elegant color creates the world around the Royal family. Phil Noto recreates the atmosphere of watercolors brushed in different tones and hues while delivering the makings of realism in character appearances. 

Thin detail lines come across the comic book blending within the color well enough to nearly be invisible. Emotional depth can be captured upon the faces accompanied by rich flesh tones. The background holds pale colors, which completes the image while maintaining focus upon the characters in each panel. 

In the conclusion before Black Bolt and Maxims return to the New York headquarters they encounter one of Earth’s most recognizable heroes, Spider-Man. The brothers believe him to be an agent of the King. What will happen to Spider-Man? Will the wall crawler join the Royal family to take down the King? Will Karnak reach the Royal family in time before Kadlec finds them? Find out how the story progresses in the life of the Inhuman’s bloodline.  

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