In the Devils Lair – Daredevil #27

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Title: Daredevil #27 

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Charles Soule

Artists:  Ron Garney 

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating: 10

Marvel Comics enters the mind and life of Blindspot, once a vigilante of New York, now under the influence of a dark Beast in the land of China. Daredevil is prisoner under The Hand’s fortress. 

Charles Soule reveals the hidden agenda behind Daredevil’s former protégé Blind Spot. Matthew Murdock lays in the temple dungeon and during this time his spirit and will begin to drift. Blindspot visits the man without fear and tells the story of his upbringing and the incredible power of the Beast that rules China.

Fighting crime in New York Blindspot’s eyesight was taken from him and became blind. Modern medicine could not restore the extensive damage done upon his body.  His mother took him to the Beast and with incredible magic restored his vision but with a heavy price. The cost for the Beast’s magic is giving up ones soul in exchange. 

In the end Blindspot offers the tools for Daredevil’s escape only to be captured once more. Blindspot made a deal with the Beast in order to save his mother he must sacrifice the soul of Daredevil. 

Ron Garney presents decent art with loose line work but takes over the panels with decent color and shading techniques. The characters have distinct facial features offering light realism to the artistic style. Heavy thick sporadic lines are present in the background. Color tones complete character’s facial structures while maintaining little detail lines. 

Dark bold shading has overcome the majority of the comic covering the physical profile of characters. Shadows over the eyes and face create emotional depth and value of either pain or sadness. 

The conclusion is one of suspense and fear as the man without fear comes face to face with the Beast of China. With Daredevil’s spirit broken and the will to fight lost how would he overcome the clutches of the Beast and The Hand? Find out in further issues as Daredevil dances with death in a land where anything is possible. 

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