Ballad of The Fallen – Punisher The Platoon #6

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Title:  Punisher Platoon #6

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Garth Ennis

Artists:  Goran Parlov, Jordie Bellaire

Story Rating:  10 

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating:  10

Marvel Comics presents the final chapter to Lieutenant Frank Castle and his United States Marines during the Vietnam War. The last confrontation between the Marines and the Vietcong takes place here in the trenches of swamp, blood, and smoke. The strength to survive lies within the spirits of both men and women of each faction refusing to let the other triumph. 

Garth Ennis crafts a masterpiece in this lullaby of pain, victory, and sacrifice. Moments throughout the story become consumed with emotion as the story carries from one character to the next.  

In the midst of battle Frank becomes locked in conflict with Ly Quang in a hailstorm of fire. The lifespan of characters are unknown drawing suspense from explosions, gunfire, and the realism of war. 

Colonel Giap coordinates his attack, as do the American forces. Squads of Vietcong invade the bush to reach the Marines to eliminate the target in one swift motion. The U.S. forces counter the effort with one tactical airstrike ultimately deciding the fate of the brutal confrontation. 

Story points work together in forming a cohesive vision as the final pages hang over our heroes and villains. The previous issues have done a remarkable job in revealing so much but very little in the wake of Frank Castle.  

Goran Parlov and Jordie Bellaire have created something beautiful and daring throughout this fateful series. Strong combinations of pencil work and dynamic color shape the course of the story and give a foundation to a prominent tale. 

Goran utilizes quick lines with thick outlines projecting more facial and expressive details. His goal is subtle realism while maintaining motion from one panel to the next. Characters have unique appearances to differentiate who are in action in particular scenes. The environment shares the same treatment complimented with a strategic color palette. 

Jordie’s eye for color is unmatched bringing forth strands of green, orange, red, and brown. In the middle of the fight red and orange explosions erupt the green vegetation and brown trees.

The orange highlights the danger in front of the soldiers as dark ink brings depth over the eyes and casts imminent doom for those in the line of fire. The colors remain solid in presentation but very few hues will make the transition in blending creating nice visuals inside of a comic book.  

Overall Goran and Jordie accomplished the goal in developing a vivid depiction of a verteran’s journey through the trails all men and women face in the line of duty. 

The conclusion is satisfactory as the curtain draw to a close. Everything has been answered and explained in a formal fashion but not becoming overwhelming in its reveal. The characters have all become relatable and understandable throughout the progression of the story as a whole, which displays great focus to characters development and storytelling. 

Continue to follow Frank Castle and other iterations of The Punisher as he takes on criminals, super villains, and the world.  Marvel Comics holds a high flying flag for the hero of Khe Shan as the band of brothers came together in times of daring need and desperation. 

Soldiers who bled for hope and honor among men to pursue the plight of justice and peace. I recommend this short series to all who wish to bear and witness the constructs honor, valor, revenge, and realism. 

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