End of All Nightmares – Spirits of Vengeance #5

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Title:  Spirits of Vengeance #5

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Artists:  David Baldeon

Writers:  Victor Gischler

Story Rating: 10 

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating:  10 

The endless flames of Vengeance burn as the Covenant of Heaven and Hell is at hand. Necrodamus and his army of demons aim to stop Ghost Rider, Hellstrom, Blade, and Satana from preventing the apocalypse. Only the true manifestation of Vengeance can save the planet. Marvel Comics stares into the eyes of oblivion in this series ending. 

Victor Gischler writes the climax to the assassination of the cursed silver. Necrodamus wields the super weapon forged of fire resembling a prominent rocket launcher. In the midst of the Covenant the cursed rocket races toward Michael with aims to wipe away the glorious angel. 

Hellstrom discovers Ghost Rider is the key to saving everything. Therefore, Satana, Blade, and Hellstrom hold back Razan and the demonic forces for Ghost Rider to enter through the Covenant’s magical barrier. 

Ghost Rider zooms after the enchanted rocket with no time to lose as it dashes through the air toward Michael. In a quick action the rocket explodes with the cursed silver igniting a dark familiar essence. From the smoke Ghost Rider stands up for the Judas Silver carried for eons the mark of Vengeance. 

In defeat Necrodamus and Razan flee from the field of battle and disappear over the horizon. The Covenant concludes and both political representatives of Heaven and Hell return to their home domains. 

The comic offers suspense, action, and insight to the interpretations of the afterlife beings both factions of Heaven and Hell. The short series answers all impending questions as to how and why something is significant. Therefore, the comic displays focus into the story and overall situation that brings these specific characters to fight a war they could not win alone. 

David Baldeon makes every page memorable with tactical pencil work, color, and masterful movement. The lines are loose and wild with ambition drawing out a style that is unique and defiant. Sharp colors craft the visuals to more dramatic depth for strong hues of red, orange, and yellow to display the magnitude of danger to new levels. 

Magical power and demonic fire grab the attention of the reader. Dark heavy lines create emotion and structure upon the characters and background. Everything within the panels is appealing to the eye while being understood as to what is taking place.  

David creates an everlasting impact upon this series with the imagination to project the heroes and villains in a marvelous fashion. His art though complex can immerse the reader to his vision of some of Marvel’s darkest characters. 

In the end the Earth is saved from eternal damnation from the underworld. The Marvel Universe remains intact for the efforts of Ghost Rider and his fellow vigilantes. But evil still has the possibility to emerge again for Necrodamus and Razan escaped the Ghost Rider’s fury. 

Continue to follow the supernatural in the Marvel Universe, as new scenarios, characters, and villains shall bring colossal danger to the innocent souls caught in the crossfire. Only those who lurk in the shadows can strike evil wherever it may lie with justice and Vengeance!

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