Righteous Kill – Predator: Hunters #3

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Title: Predator: Hunters #3

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Artists: Francisco Ruiz Velasco

Writers: Chris Warner

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

The next installment of the greatest hunt is here as Dark Horse Comics cranks up the action as the death toll rises in Predator: Hunters. Chris Warner does not hold back in writing out this thousand year old bloodsport. In the dead of night no one can prepare you for Hell.

The team gets boots on the ground as they journey into the vast jungle of Kehua Island. Jaya Soames leads the task force alongside fellow operatives Mandy Graves, Tyler Swain, Raphael Herrera, and Enoch Nakai.

Once the team enters the hunting grounds bodies begin to fall, as the Predator makes his appearance known ripping through multiple combatants. The mighty hunter uses primitive tactics to overwhelm and strike fear into the task force.

With quick action Jaya Soames and the rest of the unit manage to counter the deadly being. But their victory was short lived for the true evil is revealed, as more Predators arrive in the heart of the jungle.

Francisco Ruiz Velasco keeps the power, danger, and visuals to an all time high throughout the comic. Heavy outlines and thick detail lines bring focus to the character profile. The majority of colors remain cool to represent night or afternoon.

The most defiant pieces of art are within the jungle portion bringing a new atmosphere of uneasiness and fear. A collage of greens, blues, and greys form a foundation to the reader. The strong red of blood breaks up the cool patterns as the Predator uses numerous tribal weapons to rip apart his enemies.

In the rising of events Jaya and her team are unprepared for the immediate danger to fall upon them. See if the will to survive is strong enough for our heroes as they battle warriors from another world. For only death is absolute in this game of kill or be killed.

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