A House Divided – X-Men Gold #9

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Title:  X-Men Gold #9

Publishers:  Marvel Comics

Writers: Marc Guggenheim 

Artists: Ken Lashley 

Story Rating:  7

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 9

Marvel Comics takes the X-Men to Washington D.C. in the wake of the Mutant Deportation Act developed by U. S. Congress. Kitty Pryde and Colossus set out to fight for the political freedoms of mutant kind in New York and across the country. 

Marc Guggenheim writes the main focus to center on the political standpoint for mutants in a world run by scared individuals. Kitty Pryde stands before Congress to turn the tide in favor of mutants to remain in the United States without persecution or segregation. In the midst of her speech Congress is attacked by the deadly Whiplash hell-bent of ending the lives of the political cabinet.

The X- Men step in and protect the suits from harm. In the end the efforts of the X- Men were hopeless despite defeating Whiplash and saving civilians. Congress passed the bill to legalize any non-human life form or MUTANT to be extracted from U.S. soil and shall never return. 

Ken Lashley delivers nice structured artwork while maintaining its own style. Detailed line work shapes the tight angles and physical dimensions necessary to demonstrate strength or energy during the action. The background lacks extreme edges and line work to bring focus to the character emotions and other known physical attributes.

Each individual color works well inside the comic book whether it is set on a character or the background. Multiple colors never mix together or exaggerate particular hues when being displayed but enhance the overall appearance of the comic book panel.  

Omega Red was revealed to be the cliffhanger. A lethal being designed by Weapon X has been brought back from the dead to carry out a mysterious plan. The X- Men will not be prepared to clash with an enemy who is just as dangerous as Wolverine. Omega Red will be unleashed upon the X-Men in further issues of this dynamic comic book. 

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