Haunting Spirits – Spawn #276

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Title:  Spawn #276

Publisher: Image Comics

Writers: Darragh Savage

Story Rating:  6

Artists:  Jason Sean Alexander

Art Rating: 5 

Color Rating: 4 

Overall Rating:  5 

In the lurid world of Al Simmons, Spawn, the saga continues with Cyan as she adjusts to living in Tokyo, Japan. Cyan is haunted by visual nightmares of evil women who tear themselves apart. Image Comics brings a menacing psychological chapter in this supernatural series. 

Darragh Savage develops the horror elements inside the comic. Ghostly figures appear in the shadows covered in blood and disappear without a trace. In the underground of Tokyo lies a network of demons that hide in plain sight. These monsters torture people both physically and emotional through violent actions.

Spawn arrives in Tokyo to watch over Cyan as the forces of evil close in on her with deadly intentions. Spawn tracks down these monsters to rid them of their souls. He finds the base of operations only to be ambushed in a swift and powerful attack. 

Jason Sean Alexander takes on a more realistic art style to the character faces and proportions presenting fine detail in expressing emotion. The backgrounds hold numerous objects all covered in cross hatching techniques and heavy ink. Shading and thick line work takes over the entire style of the comic.

The shading may be overwhelming that anything else in the panel becomes blurred or appears out of place. Pale colors appear in the comic mixed with grey only producing minimal color. The main color throughout the comic book is black. A disturbing essence comes from the comic in the makings of helplessness. 

Spawn is lead into a trap by the mysterious demons, which sets off a massive explosion. The cliffhanger leaves the questions if our hero managed to survive or perish under this new threat? What do these demons want with Cyan? What other purpose do they have in Japan? The endless tale of darkness continues with future issues to creep there way into stores. 

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