Along Came A Spider – Inhumans Once and Future Kings #4

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Title:  Inhumans: Once and Future Kings #4

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Christopher Priest

Artists:  Phil Noto

Story Rating:  7

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating:  9

The royal family encounters a being powerful in his own right as Black Bolt and company take on the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. In a case of misunderstanding the heroes of Earth and Attilan battle in the streets of New York. 

Christopher Priest brings forth a chapter full of emotions and depth as we learn the hidden psyche of Maximus and Spider-Man. The comic has good points in expression of emotion or pain as the circumstances of the story force characters to make rash decisions in the face of danger and the unknown. The minds of Spider-Man and Maximus switch in the heat of battle only to be resolved with an act of kindness.  

The story itself can at times feel out of place or even misplaced as to why does the situation effect the overall conflict with the king of Attilan. By the end of the book the real situation comes back into focus as the Royal family leaves for Attilan. The conflict with Spider-Man is entertaining and dynamic but at the same time not needed for the sake of the bigger picture.

Phil Noto carries his style of soft colors and line work throughout the comic book. Thin lines form the outlines and shapes of characters and backgrounds. The environment takes on basic set-ups to complete the image while driving focus on the characters. A sense of realism is present upon the individual characters for the facial expressions are extremely detailed following the facial structures. 

Color tones are vivid but not overwhelming to the eye. Soft depictions revolve around pigments of blue, yellow, and brown. These basic colors flood the background being complementary to the more detailed characters. Flesh tones are present upon the face of individuals, which adds human features and realism. 

The conclusion brings out a new twist for the storyline, as an unexpected death will draw new tension to the Royal family. Black Bolt and company prepares to travel back to Attilan in the upcoming climatic conclusion.

What will fall upon Black Bolt, Maximus, and Medusa? Will the king of Attilan execute the potential heirs to the throne? Will the king invade Earth? Find out in further issues featuring the future kings of Attilan as the royal crusade is at hand.  

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