House of Flying Daggers – Daredevil #28

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Title:  Daredevil #28

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Charles Soule

Artists:  Ron Garney

Story Rating: 10 

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating: 10 

The conclusion is here in the land of mystery and magic as Daredevil fights his way in the ancient temples of China. Marvel Comics brings Daredevil to the brink of death as The Hand and The Beast wield his very soul. 

Charles Soule stacks the odds against Daredevil for he is outnumbered against waves of ninjas. Daredevil is stabbed and nearly beaten to death only to be healed by The Beast’s magic. A twisted game of torture as The Beast and The Hand enjoy the suffering of their long time enemy. 

Blindspot completes his deal with the Hand and leaves the temple with his mother. On the path outside of the temple a change of heart falls over Blindspot. In a sudden act of courage Blindspot saves his friend from eternal damnation. Daredevil and Blindspot make their escape when the Beast consumes Blindspot’s mother. The ancient temple fades away from sight waiting for the day to return.  

Ron Garney decorates the comic book with moving line work, color, and powerful shading. The line work is loose and simple creating complete imagery without the strain of over exaggeration. One can understand the visuals without fail. Realism falls on the characters for small detail streaks create facial dynamics representing an individual nature.

Color highlights the muscle tones and bone structures of the character displaying a crisp appearance. The background is often given a basic color but keeps the focus on the characters. The main colors to come forth are red, blue, brown and black. Dark shading brings focus to night, danger, and mystery as the story develops with the ninja legion The Hand.  

The chilling end to the comic book raises a new threat one that strikes Daredevil to his core. Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin won the city election of New York City to become the new Mayor. What will Daredevil face as he and Blindspot return to Hell’s Kitchen? What does Wilson Fisk plan to do with his newfound power? Follow the man without fear as he hits the streets under the reign of his mortal enemy. 

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