Webslingers Unite – Spider-Men 2 #1

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Title: Spider-Men 2 #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis

Artists: Sara Pichelli

Story Rating: 7

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 9

Marvel Comics expands the dynamic team up of Peter Parker and Miles Morales once more as they dawn the mantle of Spider-Man. The two web slingers are drawn together by the mysterious spire to emerge within New York City. As the spire continues to grow it forms a gateway to other dimensions. 

The story is written by Brian Michael Bendis. The beginning of the comic foreshadows what is yet to come as our heroes recover from a failed mission. The comic leads to both Peter and Miles discovering the energy tower rising in the city. The two investigate the energy flux and discover a dimensional portal. The situation grows worse for the characters as the deadly TaskMaster steps out of the light and into the world. The heroes must find a way to stop TaskMaster and close the portal before more trouble threatens the Spider-Men and the innocent people of New York. 

Sara Pichelli creates a vast open world for Spiderman through the artwork. The line work is neat and clean as they create sharp definition to the characters and the background. The surroundings are bold and basic, as it does not over crowd the characters. The eye can understand what is being presented within the panels for the fine details and expresses an authentic New York City atmosphere. 

The colors serve as eye candy because it brings the story and its characters to life. The deep colors make each character stand out and recognizable through the changes in hue and tone. The ensemble of colors inside the comic is red, blue, purple, brown, and black. These colors highlight the costumes, villains, people, and energy inside the comic book. 

The cliffhanger is interesting for it reveals more about the world and the situation between the dimensions. A third Spider-Man may come forth and join the colorful web-slingers and fight for justice. How will the Spider-Men defeat TaskMaster and shut down the portal? What other obstacles will these heroes come to face find out as our favorite spiders swing into action as they shape the existence of all dimensions. 

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