Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – Iron Fist #74

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Title:  Iron Fist #74

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Ed Brisson

Artists:  Mike Perkins

Story Rating: 9

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating:  9.6 

Marvel Comics takes to the streets for Iron Fist and Sabertooth take on the Serpent Society and Master Chosin. The quest for dominance rages on as greed, revenge, and power linger in the city streets. 

Ed Brisson pushes the drama and action forward as the mystery behind the Constrictor progresses and the underground Serpent Society. A few good points within the comic book are the action, the mystery, and the suspense. 

The mystery falls on the Constrictor being the leader of the Serpent Society and whose true identity remains a secret. In the practice of shady dealings the Constrictor betrays Master Chosin, which sparks the act of retaliation. 

The comic follows Iron Fist, as he and Sabertooth are led to the headquarters of the Serpent Society. In the midst of taking on the group of criminals our heroes and the Constrictor are ambushed by Master Chosin and his army of warriors. 

The story does well on developing suspense and delivering content that is unpredictable and impactful. The motivations and struggles from each faction of characters is clear and understandable to a point. 

Mike Perkins delivers powerful imagery by blending realism with an iconic superhero persona. A world that transcends the city bathed in night as crime and corruption take place in the heart of New York. Dark lines shape the characters and the background complimented with cool colors in the background. The facial structures impose the individuals are real people rather than someone on a page. 

Color tones bring emotion and character projection. The colors are solid in nature and not too often blend with complimentary hues but are vivid in dressing each panel. Strong pigments of red, black, and blue take over the majority of the comic to bring emphasis to danger or a haunting atmosphere. 

In the end the conclusion leaves heavy suspense as Iron Fist, Sabertooth, The Serpent Society, and Master Chosin become locked in conflict. Who will come out on top in the great battle in the streets of New York? Will the identity of the Constrictor ever be revealed? The struggle continues for the secret of Kun Lun is at hand for the forces of darkness. Find out as our heroes take on overwhelming odds in further issues as we follow the warrior of Kun Lun. 

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