Enter Omega Red – X-Men Gold #10

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Title:  X- Men Gold #10 

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Marc Guggenheim

Story Rating: 10 

Artists: Lan Medina

Art Rating:  9 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating:  9.6 

Marvel Comics unearths one of the deadliest mutants of all time Arkady Rossovich known to the world as Omega Red. The X-Men must stop this merciless maniac before his resurrection becomes permanent. The life force he draws forms his victims will ensure the world remembers him as the streets run red. 

Marc Guggenheim enters the mind of a psychopath as Omega Red thirsts for blood, The Russian Bratva, a notorious gang, resurrects Arkady through powerful dark magic. Now he walks the earth to absorb the life force of innocents to make his soul whole. 

A mysterious uncle contacts Colossus and warns the X- Men of the monster his organization brought back from the dead. The team answers the call and find themselves in a trap against magic wielding acolytes. In the immense battle the Bratva captured Magik and she disappeared without a trace. Colossus will do whatever it takes to save his sister and fellow X-Men at the hands of evil. Together the mutants will take on a power beyond the spectrum of amplified genetics but something far more dangerous. 

Lan Medina art captures a more realistic presence within the character structures. Panels zoom in on character faces to display depth through line work and blending colors. The shading and dark inks present mystery and suspense for enemies are lurking within the shadows waiting to strike. 

The array of colors highlights the powers and abilities of both the X-Men and Omega Red. During the action sequences large portions of yellow, purple, green, and red are present in enhancing the power within each mutant. 

In the end Magik encounters Omega Red himself. What plans does Omega Red have in store for achieving permanent life? Will the X-Men be powerful enough to stop the dark forces of the Bratva and Omega Red? Find out as the mutants clash in further issues of the action driven series. 

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