Gamma Bomb – Secret Empire #6

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Title:  Secret Empire #6

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers: Nick Spencer

Artists: Leinil Francis Yu

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 10

Marvel Comics releases the next installment of Secret Empire. The Marvel Universe is in panic for many more lives have been lost in the war of Hydra and the Resistance. Captain America and his ground forces have infiltrated the secret underground base home to the resistance of heroes. Tony Stark A.I. and his team are defeated under the might of Hydra. 

Nick Spencer continues to write more devastation and pain inside this comic book.  The last stronghold to the Resistance is destroyed. Captain America’s secret weapon was revealed to be Bruce Banner known to everyone as The Incredible Hulk.

Bruce was resurrected and influenced to wreak havoc on the people who hurt him over the years. His strength was enough to rip through the resistance defenses and it’s heroes till they no longer could breathe. In the aftermath the news spreads through Hydra command and the planet for hope has fled the Marvel Universe. 

Leinil Franicis Yu creates a dark and gritty atmosphere with heavy line work sharp edges and dramatic shading. The art is handled with care to emphasis the physical appearance, profile, and emotional status of characters. 

The many colors to appear in the comic are used sparingly. The most utilized colors are blacks and reds, which compliment the dark lines. The use of shading creates a heavy scene even if the focus remains on one character or multiple on a specific panel. 

The conclusion leads to Black widow and the handful of other superheroes on the other side of the world must step up to replace the friends they have lost in a swift and terrible moment.  The plan for Black Widow and her team is to assassinate Captain America and end the nightmare that fell upon the world. The Secret Empire is far from over, as this issue will lead to more trials our heroes will face in the next issues. 

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