Reign of The Cosmos – Inhumans Once and Future Kings #5

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Title:   Inhumans Once and Future Kings #5

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Christopher Priest 

Artists:  Phil Noto

Story Rating: 5

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating:  8.3

Marvel Comics brings the conclusion to the Attilan War. Black Bolt and the royal family return home to confront the Alpha Primitive, Elisha. The future of Attilan hangs in the balance for the Slave Engine threatens to wipe out all the entire Inhuman species. 

Christopher Priest draws the conclusion to the dispute between the royal family the King of Attilan and the Alpha primitives. Elisha sets his plan in moving by stealing the technology of Bentley Wittman and raising an army to challenge the kingdom forces. 

Black Bolt, Maximus, and Medusa arrive in the heat of battle. Elisha uses the advanced technology to turn the tides of the battle by hacking into the Slave Engine. Maximus using his advanced mind to amplify Black Bolts neural inhibitor collar to send a virus to Elisha. 

The virus reprogrammed the Slave Engine to stun all Alpha Primitive life forms thus winning the war. In the aftermath Black Bolt walks away from the royal family and the throne of Attilan to chose a life of solitude. 

Phil Noto continues his path of rich color tones with loose line work and definitive emotion behind the action and characters. The artwork has a resemblance to paint shaped to act like watercolors. Characters in the forefront have a strong focus of brighter colors while the background though complimentary has pale colors. 

Each member of the royal family sports their traditional uniforms with proper colors set in place respectfully. The strongest colors to appear are black red, and yellow. 

Emotional depth and facial value appears upon the characters for fine detail creates a connection with emotions. Multitudes of flesh tones make up the final appearance with quick lines marking the sudden smirks and reactions believable amongst humans. 

The comic book took on a rushed tone for the climax and conclusion was very brief and felt unsatisfying. Plot points did not contribute enough of the story but served as filler. The motivations behind the characters remained questionable for there was not enough focus as to what is taking place. Therefore, the series suffers, as a whole for understanding what is happening is not entirely clear.  

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