Judge, Jury, and Executioner – Daredevil #595

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Title:  Daredevil #595

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Charles Soule

Artists:  Stefano Landini

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating:  10

Overall Rating:  10 

Marvel Comics turns in favor of crime, as Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin, becomes the Mayor of New York City. Matthew Murdock must adjust to the rule of his greatest enemy as Hell’s Kitchen is painted with the face of Fisk. 

Charles Soule stacks the odds against both Matthew Murdock and Daredevil. Mayor Fisk places the district attorney’s office to disband the vigilante initiative. All major heroes will be outlawed and taken into custody starting with Daredevil. The lawyer tasked with the job is none other than Matthew Murdock. 

Fisk has already aligned himself with Hammerhead, another major player in the crime syndicate. On the streets in a sting operation Daredevil is captured by New York’s finest and placed before Mayor Fisk. In a swift action Daredevil escapes only to be on the run from the entire city. 

The artwork Stefano Landini displays inside the comic is very stylized to be basic and complex. Colors and line work compliment each other to deliver clean panels full of drama and movement. The lines are thin and loose with color taking over the final image.

Solid colors make up the flesh tones and hues on facial structures. Background colors are soft and subtle, never too rich to over power the characters. Complete shapes maintain the environment with tones of purple, blue, and green.  

Dark ink becomes the focal point in the night for shadow is more present to create mystery and danger. Ink stretches across the faces and sculpt of characters. The atmosphere represents the city while showing both sides of crime and peace. 

With Mayor Fisk in office how will both Matthew Murdock and Daredevil defeat the Kingpin of crime? What will happen to the other major superheroes of New York? What crime investments will come from Wilson in his new state of power? Hell’s Kitchen becomes hotter for Daredevil as he is now enemy number one under the Mayor’s hit list. Find out if the Man Without Fear will survive the night in further issues as the law has turned against him. 

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