Dark Sorceress – Power Rangers #16

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Title: Power Rangers #16

Publisher: Boom Studios!

Writers: Kyle Higgins

Artists: Hendry Prasetya, Matt Herms

Story Rating: 9

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating:  9.6

Boom Studios! Delivers an issue full of twists and turns as the Power Rangers confront Rita Repulsa and Goldar once and for all.  The Rangers combine their skills in order to defeat their mortal enemy. Trini develops a device that turns the tide of the battle, which leads to the fall of evil over Angel Grove and the world. 

Writer Kyle Higgins keeps up the pace while having Trini use a machine to harness immense energy, which taps into the morphing grid. She eliminates the special powers of the evil armies under Rita’s influence. The Rangers utilize all their powers to fight Rita and Goldar and eventually triumph over the deadly pair. The mighty Saba, of the white light, travels with the rangers in order to prepare the rangers for the future and boost the arsenal of weapons. 

Hendry Prasetya and Matt Herms continue to thrill with the artwork by presenting bursts of color and visual detail. The panels keep the eye in constant focus when analyzing the situation of the page. There is always something that grabs the reader’s attention immediately whether it be a large object or very small. The panel angles shift the attention to the most important item or character in action of the story.  

The line work offers great detail in the shape of face sculptures, super robots, advanced science, and energy. Lines create the sporadic nature or calm and soft shapes to simulate emotion.  

In the months that follow the town of Angel Grove rebuilds the damage it suffered from the great battle. The cliffhanger reveals that even though Rita and Goldar have been vanquished they were not destroyed.

Therefore, there is potential of an even greater threat as to how they may adjust their evil schemes and prevail over the Power Rangers. The adventures continue for this story is far from completion. Check out this action packed series with these teenagers with attitude. 

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