Shattered Dimensions – Spider-Men 2 #2

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Title:  Spider-Men 2  #2 

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Brian Michael Bendis

Artists: Sara Pichelli 

Story Rating: 8 

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 9.3 

Marvel Comics continues the dynamic duo of web slinging as Peter Parker and Miles Morales try to stop the deadly assassin Taskmaster. The mission of TaskMaster remains a secret as our heroes chase the villain through the streets of New York

Brian Michael Bendis continues the suspense behind the second Miles Morales as our heroes investigate the man behind the curtain. Through the latest conflict Miles hears the masked killer speak his name over the phone leading to more questions. Peter Parker investigates further with the aid of Jessica Jones to understand their hidden enemy. Even with the help of the superhero private eye Peter Parker learns nothing new of this dimensional Miles Morales. The Dark Miles is the one to have brought Taskmaster from an alternate dimension.  

Sara Pechelli uses very bright, colorful, and simple shapes in the artwork. The background is structured well in crafting large-scale buildings of the city. The background does not overstep the characters with exaggerated landscapes. There is very little shading in the comic book as the style keeps away from unnecessary black and dark tones. 

Color is focused on the characters highlighting the spider costumes of Miles and Peter. Deep colors of red, black, and blue makes the heroes pop off the page. Color transitions are seen on the facial features of each character creating depth to the emotions. Overall the artwork is decent following a blend of realism and cartoon styles. 

The end of the comic leaves with questions as to who exactly is the dark Miles Morales and what is his endgame? What will the deaths of the Spider-Men do to the Marvel Universe? The mystery will be unveiled as the story twists and turns against the heroes forcing them to challenge themselves and each other, as they are merely puppets in a game of death. 

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