Mystical City – Iron Fist #75

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Title:   Iron Fist #75

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Ed Brisson 

Artists:  Mike Perkins

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating:  10

Overall Rating:  10

The race for the great city of Kun Lun begins when Master Choshin obtains the sacred book. Factions clash as Iron Fist faces off with Master Chosin and the Serpent Society

Ed Brisson brings out good points of action, exposition, and impactful moments from subplots within the overall storyline. Masterful artwork compliments the other story elements forming a classic tale for the warrior of Kun Lun. 

In the middle of the conflict The Constrictor manages to slip away leaving Iron Fist and Sabertooth to take on the remaining villains. Upon his escape Chosin and the Rat of 12 Plagues attack The Constrictor and the two steal the sacred book of Kun Lun. 

In the aftermath Sabertooth and Iron Fist find the Constrictor’s body and discover the true identity of the imposter. The imposter is none other than the long lost son of the original predecessor and with quick actions Sabertooth saves the boy’s life. 

Sabertooth uses his advanced senses to track the scent of the Rat of 12 plagues. Iron Fist and Sabertooth follow the trail closely to find Choshin has unlocked a direct portal to the city of Kun Lun. Our heroes dive through the portal before it closes forever and arrive on the other side of the world.  

Mike Perkins the mind behind the page as characters leap off the panels in this martial arts showdown of revenge, mystery, and the supernatural. 

Realism art elements take place in the comic book for characters are presented with individualism and fine detail facial features. Heavy line work creates thick outlines for the characters and the background. Ink brings depth to the dramatic scenes within the comic. Solid colors tend to drift into different shades on the forefront and the environment. 

Colors range from all points of the visual spectrum providing emotional connections to the action and characters. Pigments of purple, red, black, blue, yellow, and orange make the majority of panels as the story unfolds through twists and turns.  

Overall Perkins has managed to elevate the comic book perspective by making a fictional story feel grounded and real while maintaining the fantastic. 

The cliffhanger leaves suspense and awe for Master Choshin who has traveled to the mystical city of Kun Lun accompanied by his army of faithful followers. What will happen to the great city in the hands of Choshin?  Will Iron Fist and Sabertooth be able to stop this legion of ancient warriors? The war for Kun Lun is about to commence in this sacred ground beyond space and time. 

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