Wrath of Omega Red – X-men Gold #11

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Title:  X-Men Gold #11

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Marc Guggenheim

Artists: Lan Medina

Story Rating: 8

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating: 9.3

Marvel Comics turns up the terror as mutants clash in the heart of Russia. The X-Men battle the merciless undead mutant Omega Red. The red enforcer Arkady Rossovich comes to life as the heroes succumb to his mighty wrath. 

Marc Guggenheim continues to challenge the mutants with deadly foes, as no one can be trusted. Colossus is betrayed by his uncle and nearly faces death. He avoids an early grave with the help of Night Crawler. Outside of the dark lair the rest of the team fights off Omega Red. Colossus and Night Crawler go deeper into the dark lair to look for Illyana

Deep underneath the earth in the catacombs Colossus and Night Crawler find Illyana known as the X-Man, Magik. Together they free her from captivity and encounter a powerful sorcerer and leader of the Bratva. The powerful magic is too much for the three of them until Colossus reawakens his full power, with his metallic skin and super strength he defeats the dark sorcerer for good. Outside the dark lair Wolverine and Kitty Pryde defeat the mighty Omega Red. 

Lan Medina presents artwork that is straightforward and does not make shading or stylistic color blends. Great line work on the faces of the people everyone has a distinct look and appearance that brings out a sense of individualism and realism. The powers hold bursts of color being solid of one color tone per mutant whether the color is blue, red, and purple. Costumes of the X-Men hold rich color featuring proper color tones in representation of their distinct designs.  

In the end the X-Men managed to bring down the Bratva and Omega Red. Russia has been relieved of the killer mutant leaving the streets safe once again. The X-Men will continue to help the innocent by any means, as new threats will emerge from the dark forces of the unknown. Comic book fans will look forward to new challenges our heroes will encounter as the mutants fight for their survival and the innocent. 

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