Capital Execution – Secret Empire #7

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Title: Secret Empire #7 

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers: Nick Spencer

Artists: Andrea Sorrentino 

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 10

Captain America spreads his power to the whole world as all can see the law of Hydra. In this comic witness the fateful clash of Black Widow and her team of heroes as they take on Captain America himself. The Hydra high command waves its flag in Washington as the world kneels before the great order. Marvel Comics delivers a story bursting with power, pain, and sacrifice. 

Nick Spencer sets the stage where Black Widow will execute the plan to assassinate Captain America as he makes his world address. Black Widow meets her demise under the might of Hydra Command, which forces Spider-Man to face Captain America with all his power. A great battle ensues between the two heroes and Spider-Man is triumphant. In the few moments of victory Hydra forces surround and arrest Spider-Man and his allies ultimately leading the mission to failure. 

Andrea Sorrentino displays dynamic artwork as the lines and colors highlight the tone of the story being a dark and unforgiving nature. The line work is jagged and rushed over the characters creating a lot of shadows and pale tones. The main colors inside the comic were reds, blues, and blacks. The black was a key component in crafting emotion and action for the panels. 

A spark of hope awaits the very end of the issue for a hero rises from the hilltop. A man ready to fight in the name of justice as well as freedom and that man is Sam Wilson. He stands tall above the destroyed headquarters and looks upon the fallen Resistance. A light shines down upon these men and women who are worn down by the fogs of war. 

The Resistance will one day come together to fight for the ideals of the people. They will carry the fire to save the nation from the hands of tyranny. Hydra will look to the sky and see vigilantes while the people of the world will reach for the hands of angels. Secret Empire will continue to test the spirit and the strength of Earth’s mightiest heroes in the sequence of comics to follow this dark chapter. 

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