Minds of Madness – Spawn #278

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Title:  Spawn #278

Publisher:  Image Comics 

Writers:  Darragh Savage 

Artists:  Jason Shawn Alexander

Story Rating:  6

Art Rating:  5

Color Rating: 5

Overall Rating: 5.3 

Image Comics dives back into the dark underworld of Spawn. Al Simmons faces off with Shizumu, a demon with powers of persuasion and his menacing ghost woman Ricky. Spawn uncovers new leads and meets the hidden head of the organization Mr. Okumatsu.  

Darragh Savage reveals the inner workings of the criminal organization and the truth behind Mr. Okumatsu. Shizumu and Ricky manage to overwhelm Spawn and escape his deadly chains leaving the two still at large. After Spawn recovers he obtains necessary information to find Shizumu and Ricky’s boss.  

Al finds Okumatsu’s location then Mr. O’s truth is revealed. Okamatsu is an angel locked out of heaven as a result of Spawn’s actions earlier in the series. The angels decide to take their knowledge and influence to gain power on the streets to fill the void of homesickness. Al takes it upon himself to kill Mr. O in a gruesome fashion as he plans to rid off all disturbances amongst the innocent. 

Spawn’s business is far from over as Shizumu and Ricky are still at large since their escape from Spawn’s mighty chains. The news of Okumatsu’s death will spread throughout the city alerting every remaining agent in the syndicate to hunt and kill Spawn. 

Jason Shawn Alexander’s art is extremely dark in terms of shading, outlines, and line work. Some of the panels are hard to view for everything taking place inside the scene is hidden underneath layers of dark ink. The lines are exaggerated to form disturbing imagery in terms of demons and Spawn’s demonic presence and powers.  

The colors are nearly nonexistent for the fact that the dark shading overpowers the color to high levels. Only pale interpretations remain of colors with a few touches of red, yellow, and green. Character appearances are bold and drawn with sharp realism to bring about emotional face value. 

In the cliffhanger Cyan bears witness to Al’s killings of Mr. O and his men. What questions will she have for her uncle as her own powers grow? Who will replace Okumatsu now that the head of crime is now deceased? Will there be a return of Shizumu and Ricky to seek vengeance for the murder of their boss? Find out in further issues as blood continues to spill in the terrifying world of Spawn.  

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