Hell’s Kitchen – Daredevil #596

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Title:   Daredevil #596

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Charles Soule

Artists:   Stefano Landini

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10 

Overall Rating:  10 

Marvel Comics steps back into the world of Daredevil as Matthew Murdock faces off with Wilson Fisk in control of New York. Mayor Fisk has marked Daredevil as public enemy number one. Now the entire police force of New York is out for blood and his name is Daredevil. 

Charles Soule applies suspense, action, and clever writing as Mayor Fisk forces Daredevil further down the rabbit hole. Cops on ever corner in the city and helicopters above are seeking the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in the biggest manhunt in the city. 

A game of cat and mouse takes Daredevil across the city from the rooftops to the streets as New York’s finest result to extreme measures to capture the famed superhero. In a final attempt to escape apprehension Daredevil recruits the help of Blind Spot

Blind Spot helps the man without fear elude the cops and the eyes of the city. Matthew Murdock must turn his fate around, as his alter ego has been condemned to the justice system.  

The comic book has great points in terms of story bringing new and unpredictable measures that test Daredevil’s humanity and state of mind. The battle with mayor Fisk happens with or without the mask as Matthew Murdock is outwitted by his most devious foe of all time. 

Stefano Landini presents a style that matches the atmosphere and tone of the Mayor Fisk storyline. The panels provide visuals of rich color, bold line work and powerful shading. 

The lines give a dark outline to characters and the background. Every panel is understandable without cluttering the scene with detail marks or fine crosshatching. One stand out portion came from the scatter dot technique, which brought an old school feel in a modern comic. 

A wide range of color choices inside the book bring out a noir tone in the face of danger. Strong colors of blue, red, pink, green, and orange come together to develop an immense world of suspense and crime. 

Dark ink cloaks over Daredevil as he leaps through the city in the night. The city lights up with street signs and police sirens. Dark ink creates emotion and depth as Daredevil faces obstacles stacked against him. 

The world Stefano has created is full of pain, fear, and power. Every element of art projects the story further to compel the reader to finish the comic and following issues. Artwork at a master level brings a focus to Daredevil above the average graphic novel. 

The conclusion sparks interest for the story develops in new avenues as the quarrel between Matthew Murdock and Wilson Fisk boils over in the game of control and power. Wilson Fisk seeks the aid of the attorney Matthew Murdock and makes a proposal he will not refuse, for the sake of the city rests on what the man behind the mask will do to take down the Mayor of New York.  

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