The Fall of Kun Lun – Iron Fist #76

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Title:  Iron Fist #76

Publisher:  Marvel Comics

Writers:  Ed Brisson 

Artists:  Mike Perkins, Andy Troy

Story Rating:  10

Art Rating:  10 

Color Rating:  10

Overall Rating:  10

The war in the holy city of Kun Lun begins as Master Choshin and his army invade the sacred temple. Only Daniel Rand, The Iron Fist and a handful of warriors must save the great city from the brink of destruction. 

Ed Brisson launches us in the epic battle for Kun Lun. The story remains unpredictable with difficult circumstances leading from one point to the next. High stakes action and supernatural forces all take part in this decent martial arts series. 

Good story elements reflect on exposition, character arcs, and subplots. Iron Fist, Sabertooth, and Sparrow, the leader of the Yu-Ti warriors, hold the line in defending the holy city.

The subplot is explored when Sabertooth takes a personal vendetta with The Rat of 12 plagues. The two are locked in combat as Sabertooth seeks to avenge the son of his old friend The Constrictor

Iron Fist and Sparrow fight Master Choshin in control of the city. In the midst of conflict Iron Fist takes a leap of faith and summons unknown power with The Book of The Iron Fist. Daniel’s action may benefit his efforts or be in vain as the city he is sworn to protect burns at the hands of Master Choshin. 

Character motivation is made clear as the story moves forward. Dialogue between individuals is understandable and reflects real personality. Discussions being held hint at what is happening in current events leaving a lasting impression.  

Mike Perkins and Andy Troy build the foundations to Iron Fist and his many chapters with skill and focus to realistic artwork. Mike utilizes critical detail in presenting characters and surroundings. The line work is heavy and contained keeping a decent image without being cluttered with loose lines.   

Andy’s choice of colors, tones, and hues all come together to make every panel pop with distinction. Color blends across the faces of characters to deliver light perspective and definition upon the face and muscle tone. Main colors within the comic are red, black, orange, and yellow, which amplify the danger and emotions between each pivotal scene.  

The two artists work coherently in the makings of the story. The results set a high standard for itself and other mainstream comic books. Iron Fist will be a series to remember not for just the story but for the incredible world built around a remarkable hero. 

A dramatic conclusion brings many questions for the reader. Iron Fist gets his hands of the Book of The Iron Fist. Once opened Daniel Rand disappears from the battle in a wall of immense light. 

Will Iron Fist return with new powers or reinforcements? Will Sparrow and Sabertooth fall under Master Choshin? Will Kun Lun be completely destroyed under the constat fighting under all factions? Find out in the ultimate conclusion in The Fate of Kun Lun as Iron Fist makes one last stand for the once holy city. 

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