Kologoth Unleashed – X-Men Gold #12

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Title: X-Men: Gold #12

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers:  Marc Guggenheim

Artists: Luke Ross

Story Rating: 8

Art Rating:  10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating:  9.3 

Marvel Comics dwells into the past; present, and future of the tyrannical alien Kologoth. A creature abandoned as a baby on the far away planet Dartayas. When Kologoth grew older he learned how to survive and rose to power. 

Marc Guggenheim shapes the origin of Kologoth as anger and bloodlust fueled his will to live. After being abandoned by his parents Kologoth survived many years in the jungle of his home world. Time passed and his strength and intelligence increased tenfold. He killed his parents and then planned to rule the planet. 

Overtime his radical influence was known through the entire capital city and eventually the world. Kologoth assembled mass armies with his general Augor by his side. Kologoth became the most powerful terrorist ever known to the planet. He was eventually captured and placed on trial, convicted of several crimes he was exiled off Dartayas and placed on Earth.  

On Earth he joined the Brother Hood of Evil Mutants when he encountered the X-Men. Kologoth quickly learned of the X-Men he faced and made a new plan to contact his home world Dartayas. He reached his general Augor who will head to Earth to take back his leader. Kologoth will return to Dartayas to rule the planet.  

Luke Ross takes over the artwork with decent execution and promise. The line work is well crafted with a tasty color pallet aiding the overall pictures. Solid color takes over the panels with sharp movement from one scene to the next. Every color is presented within the comic in the wide spectrum including red, blue, green, and yellow. The colors do not often blend but only project the characters to the forefront of the page. 

The conclusion reveals the next chapter will in fact bring together two different factions of X-Men across dimensions. The groups of X-Men Gold and Blue will unite as they face against Mojo and his televised broadcast of chaos.

What will happen to our heroes what extreme challenges will they face? Will Kologoth return to power and assume his role as leader of his alien people? Find out as the next big crossover in the X-Men franchise takes center stage on Mojo television. 

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