Captain America Sam Wilson! – Secret Empire #8

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Title: Secret Empire #8

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writers: Nick Spencer

Artists: Daniel Acuna

Story Rating: 10 

Art Rating: 10 

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 10 

Marvel Comics creates a movement of hope as Sam Wilson takes the mantle of Captain America once more and leads the RESISTANCE of superheroes. The tides of the war turn as the Resistance grows in power with each small victory. Both the Resistance and Hydra Command will summon all the necessary forces from either side to claim full control of the planet.   

Nick Spencer writes a movement as Sam Wilson broadcasts a message of hope across the world inspiring the remaining heroes left to fight Hydra. Sam and his team managed to learn of the power they possess through the Cosmic Cube, which grants small but reasonable wishes. The mission was successful through strategic planning and circumstance to destroy the planetary shield. 

Daniel Acuna presents artwork that has depth and realism. The characters have unique facial structures, emotions, and physical profiles. The lines and shading help craft the mood and tone of each panel. The line work is used sparingly amongst the characters for the colors present the hidden facial features and muscle tone. The colors have a watercolor style in both the character and the background. The overall image is one that is complex and simple to the eye. 

The colors range through the entire spectrum but the most highlighted colors are red, blue, and black. Each color draws the eye as the action carries the movement forward from one panel to the next. 

The heroes of Alpha Flight, The Ultimates, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Defenders meet Sam to join his Resistance. Even the King of Atlantis Namor presents Sam with a secret weapon that can strike the heart of the Hydra Command and defeat Steve Rogers the Supreme Leader of Hydra.

The war will continue to test the Marvel Universe, as Secret Empire will bring about one of the greatest wars costumed heroes have ever seen. Captain America stands strong for the Avengers have assembled and together they will take on Hydra Order in further issues to reach the final conclusion to the Secret Empire saga. 

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