Human Underworld – Cat & Mouse #1

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Title: Cat & Mouse #1

Publisher: Silverline Comics 

Writers: Roland Mann 

Artists: Dean Zachary, Barb Kaalberg, Kevin Gallegly

Story Rating: 10

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating:  10

Silverline Comics, a new independent publisher makes waves with its new comic book Cat & Mouse. A tale that dives deep into the underbelly of human trafficking and the horrors on both people and community. Brett Huffman is on the search for Bobbi Vasquez, his ex fiance’s kid sister. 

Roland Mann writes a story with twists and turns as we are lost in the city of New Orleans. Brett uses his newly obtained investigative skills from the police academy to find the missing girl. What he discovers is far more sinister as he encounters a sisterhood of assassins led by an evil ninja with a Crystal Eye. The comic book shares elements of action, mystery, and suspense. 

Dean Zachary utilizes his skills with impressive line work with detail upon the characters and environment. The overall visual is straightforward without any clutter or excessive detail giving an appealing image. Dean places equal focus on the forefront and background of the page.  

Barb Kaalberg builds upon the foundation with precise ink placement. She enhances the shadows, character profiles, and movement upon each page. Specific panels become overtaken with shadows as our hero encounters a ninja in the dark. The mystery and danger become stunning for the reader. 

To finish the vision properly is Kevin Gallegy, who not only created the comic book logo but splashes rich color on the panels. The major colors that make an appearance are black, grey, and purple. Kevin also blends certain pigments when dealing with light sources and creating flesh tones upon characters to represent skin.

Cat & Mouse will continue to explore the underworld of human trafficking in this short series. Silverline Comics will continue to grow its library of comics available through the link below. 

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